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Management Upskilling Program for Women EntrepreneursPowered by APT Women

This is a course for women entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business to foster a mindset that contributes to future development, by providing knowledge necessary for further step-up, including human resources management, marketing, management strategy, and by hearing the actual experiences of those alumni.


Female entrepreneurs, female venture managers seeking growth, female executives, female managers, etc.


50 people (requires application in advance)

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The first and second sessions would be held online in In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.
For the third and subsequent sessions, the event type will be decided based on the status of COVID-19 infectious diseases.

Course schedule and outline

All eight times(about two hours each time)

1stMay 20Management Strategy(1)

Date/Time May 20 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: May 15 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
How to Create Entrepreneurial Mindset: To tell your Action Guidelines and Entrepreneurial Beliefs

"I want to create a world where wheelchairs don't give up," Ms. Oda, who has been involved in a wide range of activities, has been challenged by a variety of competitions to recognize social contribution, such as the Google Impact Challenge and the Expo Live Global Innovator at the Dubai Expo, and has received numerous awards. She will talk about three important factors in creating a business that you have gained through your motivation and activities to take on these challenges: (1) entrepreneurial mindset, (2) action guidelines for continuing the business, and (3) how you tell the corporate philosophy to involve others.

Yuriko Oda
Institute Wheeling
President Yuriko Oda

Born in 1980. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Soka University. In 2002, at the age of 22, he was diagnosed with "progressive myopathy". She studied in Denmark for six months starting in 2010. Launched the "Wheelchair Walker" video site to provide information on barrier-free travel in 2014. In 2017, she released our "Wheeling!" barrier-free map application. Currently, member of the "12th Community Development Promotion Council for Welfare" in Tokyo, member of the "Investigative Commission for the Creation of Guidelines for the Provision of Barrier-free Information for Tourism Sites" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and regional information advisor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Award-winning example
2015 Google Impact Challenge Grand Prix
2018 Winner of World Summit Award (WSA) Global Champion
2019 Massachusetts Institute of Technology SOLVE MIT elected
2019 Expo Live Global Innovator, Dubai Expo

Message to entrepreneurs
In the APT Women program, I learned how to change the mindset as much as possible, and how flexible and strong it is to cope with difficulties from team mate.
If you continue to do business, you will find a lot of difficulties. However, try to keep creating a new world with your own action guidelines and beliefs.
Conditions for the startup that do not fail and secret of pitch

Mr. Tadokoro is famous as the author of Startup Science, a 115-week series of best-sellers in the Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation departments with experience of entrepreneurs and investors.
Based on the experience of starting up a business and numerous startup support experiences, he will make a lecture on important points to prevent 90% of failures in startup/new businesses, how to assemble a business model for each phase, and how to view and organize the business objectively.

Masayuki Tadokoro
unicorn farm Inc.,
CEO Masayuki Tadokoro

Serial Entrepreneur who has established five companies in total in Japan and Silicon Valley in the United States. He served as a venture partner for venture capital in Silicon Valley. He is currently a strategic adviser and board member for several startups in Japan and overseas. He also serves as Chief Strategic Officer for Basic, Japan's largest Web marketing company. He is the author of "Startup Science," a slide with a cumulative worldwide market share of 70,000, and "Startup Science" a book with 115 consecutive weeks of best-selling status in three departments (management, entrepreneurship and innovation).
- Results
November 2017 "Startup Science"
September 2018 "Startup Science"(Taiwan edition)
February 2019 "Introduction Startup Science"

Message to entrepreneurs
The market for FemTech and other industries targeted at women is expected to grow. What I felt when I have been a lecturer for APT Women, the issues for women can only be solved by women. We would like you to apply for the APT Women with courage, as we will help you make breakthroughs.

2ndMay 27Human Resources Management (1)

Date/Time May 27 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: May 22 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
How to create an organization within a limited resource

Ms. Kawano create a business idea when she was 14 years old for the first time , and was involved in business strategy and product planning by a leading manufacturer or IT company when he was a university student. He then founded his second business with the philosophy of "using technology to create a society without thinking bias." I would like to talk about what I did with limited resources, including actual experiences and issues, regarding the formation of an organization that you are worrying about and trying and making mistakes.

Kawano Rie
CEO Kawano Rie

Born in 1982, she was born in Tokushima Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University. In 2001, she established a non-profit organization and managed it as a representative. In 2005, she joined Sony Corporation and was engaged in business strategy and product planning, mainly in the camera business. Joined DNA Co., Ltd. in 2011. Established Cognity Co., Ltd. in 2013.

Message to entrepreneurs
It's also true that you're getting a profit as a woman, and something that seems to be a loss. In fact, both men and women face opportunities and pinches during their entrepreneurship journey. I hope that we can cooperate in order to expand our business by making the most of what we have and what we do not.
Background required of for the startup founders to create an organization

Mr. Kawai has been involved in the launch of Breach Inc. and become a founding member of LakSul Inc. and devising and implementing recruitment strategies for senior management and other executives, promoting a wide range of organizational developments from a personnel perspective, and launching a number of other startups. Lectures are given while holding workshops on the "point of creating an organization that founders are conscious of in starting a business." In addition, he will give a lecture the way you link your understand the strengths they have cultivated in their careers, to your business models to create an organization with the points you may fail from seed stage to managers from series A. From the seed stage, we would like to talk with you about points that may easily fall into the hands of series A managers.

Souichirou Kawai
ReBoost Inc.
CEO Souichirou Kawai

After graduating from university, he became involved in the start-up of BizReach Inc. through the group company of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. , a manufacturer of printing machinery listed on for the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After working at salesforce.com, Inc., he joined RAKSUL INC. as a founding member. As a Human Resources Manager, he was in charge of a wide range of areas in the recruitment/personnel organization. At the same time, he had also been in charge of external human resources, including the establishment of several start-ups and investments. In 2017, ReBoost Co., Ltd. was founded and appointed representative director. It provides startup and listed companies, as well as HR organization and recruitment support, while also serving as a speaker at the start-up conferences and seminars and responding to and contributing to the media. It also provides hands-on support through investment by companies and individuals, mainly seed to series A.

Message to entrepreneurs
We will make a greater impact on the world through the means of starting a business from among many choices. I sincerely respect the entrepreneurs who are determined to improve themselves.
To this end, the kind of vision and thoughtful challenge that we take on is an important source. It is also important to know which issues to tackle and what kinds of businesses to solve.
I think it is often difficult to start a business because there are many changes in the days of starting a business. In this context, I would like to make the seminar become as useful as possible for you. Thank you for your attention!

3rdJune 3Marketing (1)

Date/Time June 3 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: May 29 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
Public Relations to take control of the business: From Basic Knowledge to Press Releases

The media coverage provides a stepping stone to rapid growth in sales and recognition for startups that have just started.
Media exposure can also lead to fundraising, business alliances and new approaches to partners. However, there are ten companies and many colors about what to do in concrete terms.
In the first half, Mr. Sugimoto from PR TIMES, which is used as a platform for various press releases, will give the basics of public relations and the methods of press releases. In the second half, Ms. Imura from Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support, which has been involved in a lot of PR support for startups, will join to explain media perspectives and the methodology of information dissemination in an informal manner.

Shu Sugimoto
Sales Department Shu Sugimoto
Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co.,Ltd.
Hitoka Imura

As a TV production staff, he gained experience in the field of information variety programs and acquired knowledge from the media.
In PR TIMES he receives consultation from a wide range of clients, from major companies to startups, and also engages in business alliances and event planning as a marketing measure.
Most recently, I he is in charge of the project for the creation of a new culture called "Dream Day" on April 1st.
Additionally, he is in charge of all of our startup measures, and not only promoting collaborative measures with VCs and incubators, but I also participating in seminar and startup support programs as mentors.

Message to entrepreneurs
I have not taken the first step toward creating a business. I respect all the entrepreneurs who is working to change the world with their ideas. I hope to help improve society as much as possible. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project.
Aggressive public relations through the use of media

Ms. Ryugo, played an active role as an advertiser at the startups and SMEs, is now actively involved as an advertisement tower in order to communicate to the world the world's challenges and the global challenge of solving the food crisis in Musca Inc.
She will talk about the PR strategy, the way of using tactics, and the ways of thinking that the representative himself has a public relations mindset and has changed in accordance with the changes in the business phase.

Ayano Ryugo
Musca Inc.
CEO Ayano Ryugo

Representative Director and CEO in MUSCA Inc.. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1990. The mother of two children.
After playing an active role as a public relations officer in startup, and she he became an public relations officer for freelance. She provide integrated public relations strategy consulting for startups and large companies from branding to through marketing. She participated in the public relations strategy in MUSCA Inc. from November 2017. She assumed the post of interim CEO in July 2006. and she assumed her current position in April 2007.

Message to entrepreneurs
What kind of society will leave the earth for the next generation?
1. Past 2. present 3.future
They can be changed except for 1.
I like to think about how to live "today" toward the future.
How do you live "now"?

4thJune 10Financing (1)

Date/Time June 10 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: June 5 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
Basic Fundraising and public financing

Financing can't be separated at each stage, including early stage and growth stage.
Funding methods include financing from government-affiliated financial institutions and private banks, and venture capital. However, many of the startups may have questionnaires about financing according to their company's stage and situation.
We invite Mr. Ohno, who supports the financing of many companies, to lecture on the fundamentals of financing, including the difference between dead financing and equity financing, the advantages and disadvantages of each, the effective ratio of utilization, and information on subsidies available to people who have just started up in business.
we will Additionally, he will be focusing on dead financing to explain specific methods and points of concern such as the management's guarantees.

Shuhei Ohno
Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Tax Accountant,OneWorld Tax Co. Partner OneWorld Consulting Co., Ltd.
CEO Shuhei Ohno

After graduated from university, he entered Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC. He mainly engages in audits of banks, securities companies, and insurance companies in the financial industry group.
After leaving Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC, he provides financial support and guidance on financing in the Oneworld Group. As part of his work, the Group holds weekly study meetings on subsidies and loans for businesses.
It is also working to foster start-up companies and has supported a large number of start-up debt financing programs.

Message to entrepreneurs
So far, we have provided a lot of financial support for start-ups.
In the age of With Corona and After Corona, I think we need a broader and more accurate knowledge of finance than ever before.
We will support your growth from the perspective of finance. Now that the world is about to change, let's create a new era together!
How to plan to implement equity financing

Ms. Ootawa, who operates a platform that provides solutions to a wide range of industries, including factories, retail stores and construction, using open source and IoT solutions to solve fundamental social issues, inspired by his her colleagues' in IT workshops. In this lecture, she will tell her financing story with the basic aspects of equity financing, the necessary elements, and the strategic methods of financing.
She will also talk about the secret stories that she made a large-scale financing in just one year, the hidden efforts and hardships behind, and her thoughts on expanding your business.

Kyoko Otawa
Latona, Inc.
CEO Kyoko Otawa

Born in 1991 and born in Kanagawa Prefecture. President and Co-Founder of Latona Co., Ltd. The company develops AI/IoT using edge computing as its main technology and has IoT products for factories and retail stores. After graduating from Tokyo Women's University, she served as an EC consultant at Rakuten Co., Ltd. and as a consultant at Accenture Co., Ltd., and then assumed the present post since April 2018. Developed their own technologies, including patented technologies, and promote partnerships with major companies. Prefer cats above all.

Message to entrepreneurs
I think it's a good idea to start a business, but I think it's a good idea to start a business from the reason you want to start a business or to manage a company! And in APT Women, I think I can meet a nice colleages.
Networking Session(voluntary)

5thJune 17Management Strategy (2)

Date/Time June 17 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: June 15 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
scale strategy within limited resources-Process for alliance with Large enterprise-

Crossdoor Co., Ltd., plans, develops, and operates smart remote controllers and IoT-related services that enable smartphones to control home appliances easily, is collaborating with a number of major companies, including infrastructure companies.
In this lecture, I would like to she will talk about the strategy from the development stage of the smart remote controller to the formation of a business alliance and the concept and key points that need to be addressed from the actual stage of collaboration with a large company. Additionally she will I would also like to talk about the hard work of the other side, including how to allocate internal resources.

Yoko Odate
Crossdoor Inc.
CEO Yoko Odate

Born in 1983. Joined an IT company as an engineer after graduating from Tsukuba University in 2008. Since 2011, he established three companies, including IT startup and human resource development company etc. Joined Pluto Co., Ltd. (now Crossdoor Co., Ltd.) in 2015 as a director. She provides an IoT platform service based on the philosophy of "making people happy who use the services they want." in Crossdoor Co., Ltd.

Message to entrepreneurs
It's because we don't know what will happen every day, we shall initiate the action if you think it's happening!
If you are interested in APT Women, please participate into it.
Once you have participated, you will build networks that is essential to expand your business.
Presentation to Change the World- Mindset for Entrepreneurs-

It is no exaggeration to say that the skills needed to do work are presentation skills.
Especially in creating and scaling a business, the results of presentation skills, evaluations from others, and the company's position would change dramatically.
In this lecture, we welcome Mr. Sawa, the author of "World's No. 1 Presentation", to talk about how to create a "vision and core" as the starting point for the presentation, how to organize the story, as well as the thinking and mindset behind the presentation to change the world.

Madoka Sawa
CEO Madoka Sawa

The director of the famous American IT giant company.
After working at the Japanese insurance company as a programmer, I became an IT consultant at the US tech company. From 2006, I change my role to the people manager. I am covering a wide technology area as a technical architect.
And several start-up companies assigned me as an adviser.
A personality of Voicy. Twitter: madoka510

Message to entrepreneurs
Today, the world is facing various difficulties and challenges.
Various kind of data has been explosively grow and the disruption of various values emerge on the Internet, and questions are being asked about what one can do and what one can use in one's own life. I want to increase the number of people who change the world through a unique way of life. We will help to deliver your thoughts to as many people as possible.

6thJune 24Marketing (2)

Date/Time June 24 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: June 19 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
The secret to be supported startup

Ms. Balducci launched TRES MARIA, a brand for women's health and happiness, to build a new culture of delicate zone care in Japan.
By not selling products from herself and communicating by paying attention to the customer's position, department store buyers and major business managers can sympathize with each other and proceed toward the same goal. As a result, external teams have been formed, and sales channels have been expanded to department stores and overseas mail-order businesses.
In this lecture, Ms. Balducci, who is trying to communicate and make them want to support, will talk about the experience of major cosmetics manufacturers in their overseas business divisions, as well as the communication methods and perspectives.

Balducci Junko
CEO Balducci Junko

Born in Tokyo in 1977. Graduated from UC Berkeley Extension in the United States.
She used to be a member of the international department of a trading company and a major domestic cosmetics company, and used to involved in brand launching and fostering in the world's famous department stores. Focusing on the blind spots in Japanese beauty through the global experience, Toresmaria was established in 2017 as a care brand for delicate zones in Japan. Tresmaria is now selling at 16 department stores, including Isetan Shinjuku Store and Hankyu Ueda Main Store. Based on the motto "Making women healthier and happier through delicate zone care," she active in magazines and radio. She won the Best Cosmetics Award for the magazines Marisol, Van Sancan and T Japan. Focus on women's empowerment through collaboration with universities and major corporations.

Message to entrepreneurs
Women are busy working, doing housework, and raising children. I think it would be nice if I enjoyed it all. A positive, smiling woman would surely make men and children happy. Innovate the world with a smile!
Unwavering Business Philosophy and Branding in a Changing Era

As the business environment changes day by day, the core for branding is to have an unwavering business philosophy that serves as the basis for judging all our actions, and to reform and grow our business in step with the times. Especially, the startup can linguine the world they you want to make and by appropriately telling it, you can win many supporters and friends.
In this lecture, Mr. Abe. who had served as a caster and commentator at Fuji Television, and now the editor-in-chief of the Web media and a supporter of public relations at companies and individuals. Mr. Abe will give a lecture on the concept of the brand, how to create it, and how to use the media based on the concept.

Hiroyuki Abe
Abe Hiroyuki Co.
Founder & CEO Hiroyuki Abe

Born in Tokyo in 1955. Journalists and visiting professor at Sanno University.
Graduated from Keio University and International University. Joined Nissan Motor Co. in 1979 and in charge of Overseas exports and business plans, etc. Joined Fuji Television in 1992. Prime Minister's Official Residence and other members of the political and economic cap, the Director-General of the New York Branch, the Director-General of the Economic Affairs Department, the commentator, the newscaster News Japan, and the BS Fuji prime newscaster. Launched the Web media "Japan In-Depth" in 2013. Independent crisis management consultant. He also served as a consultant for companies and individuals to enhance their ability to disseminate information.

Message to entrepreneurs
There is now a tailwind for women's start-ups. Against this backdrop, what is required is your ability to disseminate information. I would like to give you some hints on how to expose yourself to the media and how to use it for branding.

7thJuly 1Human Resources Management (2)

Date/Time July 1 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: June 26 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
Organizational management that keep practice diverse new ways of working

Ms. Tanaka, who provides matching services between freelance human resources and companies and supports women's reemployment, will give a lecture on how to organize and operate in an era of dramatic changes in working styles, based on the motto "Live Your Life."
Waris Co., Ltd. has been recommending remote work since its inception, and the other two co-CEOs are living in Fukuoka and Vietnam and embodying a way of working that is not restricted to places. In this lecture, Ms. Tanaka will talk about proposals for new ways of working, how to create an organization to serve as a base for these proposals, and key points for successful co-CEO management.

Miwa Tanaka
Waris Co., Ltd.
CEO Miwa Tanaka

Born in 1978. Joined Nikkei Home Publishing Co., Ltd. (now Nikkei Business Publishing Co., Ltd.) in 2001 after graduating from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University. She is the editor of Nikkei Woman magazine. More than 30,000 working women have spoken to each other through interviews and surveys. Resigned in 2012 to provide support for women to continue to work vigorously. After working as a freelance writer and career counselor, she found Waris Co., Ltd., a human resources agent, as co-represented in 2013 to realize diverse lifestyles and working styles. Work to match freelance women to companies and support reemployment of women who leave the company. Lectures and writing on themes such as freelance, duplex, women's careers and diversity. "Ordinary office workers earn freelance," he wrote. Director, Professional & Parallel Career Freelance Association. National licensed career consultant. Born her child in 2018.

Message to entrepreneurs
During the APT Women 4th program, I had a wonderful experience of gaining a better perspective through experiencing a variety of knowledge. I would be happy to share with you the story of my experience in running the business for seven years and use it as a reference!
Mindset for leader to gather the team mate and scaling up the business

Ms. Takahashi from Bears Co., Ltd. is the president of the Kaji-university, which promotes "Love Management," and outside directors of financial institutions.
She will give a lecture on the leader theory to provide real value in an era of dramatic change.
She will talk how to build an organization to expands with colleagues who share the same aspirations and work toward goals, and how to foster a mindset that is indispensable for a leader from various perspectives, in order to scale up unprecedented services with her experience.

Yuki Takahashi
Bears Co.
Vice President Yuki Takahashi

Since its founding, Takahashi Yuki's original experience has greatly influenced the company's advocacy of "a new way of living for users" and "the creation of new employment in Japan as a worker." Internally, she is mainly in charge of branding, marketing, new service development and human resource development. Together with her husband, the company started out as a small cleaning company in her home and office, and is now a leading company in the industry with 200 employees and 16,000 registered staff. The concept is "to support the love of women," and in 2010 the company won the High Service Japan 300 Award. Received a special prize in the 2011 Courageous Management Awards. He appeared at TV Tokyo's Cambria Palace in 2012. In 2017, the company acquired Japan's first "Household Support Service Certification" (by the Japan Standards Association). In addition to serving as a judge for various business contests and as a commentator for the Management and Marketing Strategy Course of the Japan Management Association, he is also working as a domestic affairs researcher and Japanese lifestyle researcher on television and in magazines.
In 2015, the company established the world's first household affairs university, and began taking on new challenges as president of the university.
In 2016, in charge of domestic affairs supervision of a TBS drama titled "Escape is shameful but useful."
She is also the mother of a boy and a girl. The motto "Loving life as a whole."

- Public office
President, National Association of Household Services
Vice Chairman, Tokyo New Business Council
Outside Director of the Tokyo Kirarashi Financial Group
First member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vice President, Japan Association of Housekeeping Services, General Committee, Japan Industrial Standards Committee
Vice Chairman, Tokyo New Business Council
Member of the general meeting of the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
President of the Household University
Outside Director of the Tokyo Kirarashi Financial Group

Message to entrepreneurs
Taking action with the aspirations of your life!
Let's imagine a bright future and work hard to create that future with your big love!

8thJuly 8Financing (2)

Date/Time July 8 (Wed)
14:00-16:00 * Due Date: July 3 (Fri)
Time schedule and contents
Fundraising in rapid changing era

Ms. Kojima, who successfully raised funds during the middle of the global financial crisis when she started his first company while at university and raised 100 million units even at the second company.
She would like to talk about how to develop business plans in line with the times and phases of the company in the sluggish economy and the rapid changes in the times with the real experiences.
Additionally, she would share how we should think of financing how systematically and strategically implemented during the procurement period in the lecture too.

Maiko Kojima
ChatBook, Inc.
CEO Maiko Kojima

President and CEO, Chat Book Co., Ltd. I She have been involved in planning and launching a new service for more than 10 years. Immediately after its founding, the company announced its financing and took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt and Tech in Asia. If technology doesn't have boundaries, it's going to form an international-centric organization that makes field sales out of inside sales. Invested by Salesforce, East Ventures, YJCapital and others, selected as Facebook-certified Messenger Partner and AI Accelerator, and has a record of having been inspired at the Nikkei AI Summit and APT Women.
Before starting Chat Book Co., Ltd., she started up the company while studying at Waseda University as vice president and CTO for six years. She develop the services for five million users in Japan and overseas at the company. She subsequently worked as a Web director in recruiting and founded the company.

Message to entrepreneurs
I feel that the most exciting aspect of corporate management is solving customer issues and getting them to say "Thank you" and contributing to the growth of employees through the expansion of the organization. I look forward to seeing entrepreneurs from various backgrounds on the day.
Changes in fundraising and environment for female entrepreneurs

After working in the investment banking division of Morgan Stanley and UBS Securities, she worked as a partner of the Global VC Fund and a founding member of the Wellness Community MIKO Holistic Wellness Foundation. She also works to resolve various social issues. In this section, she will talk about the basic knowledge of financing, the perspectives that we should have in order to improve the scale of financing, and the recent changes in the financing environment and the countermeasures that we should take.

Eriko Suzuki
Fresco Capital
Partner Eriko Suzuki

General Partner of the Global VC Fund, Fresco Capital. Former Director of Investment Department of Mistrow Co., Ltd., which invests in social impact startups.
Born in 1986, she grew up in North America and the Middle East, graduated from McGill University, and worked in the investment banking division of Morgan Stanley and UBS Securities.
She become a venture capitalist (VC) after working in the finance division in the Luxury Brand and launching a Japanese corporation as a U.S. drone startup and become a Japan's national representative.
She is providing financial, technological and entrepreneurial support for solving social problems from a global perspective.
In addition to its VC activities, she also established and operated a community-based organization called MIKO Holistic Wellness, Inc. to make wellness more familiar and to co-create a more prosperous world.
In April 2018, Yamato Shobo published "The way of living will become a way of working in the future." She is also the mother of two children.

Message to entrepreneurs
I respect the entrepreneurs who take risks to solve the major issues innovatively via systematic thinking.
I look forward to seeing the creation of a better world while exercising my own leadership!
It would be a great honor to be part of a supportive community where things that you don't understand or are troubled by in the process.
Networking Session(voluntary)

Please note

  • Application is required each time for participating in more than one session.
  • Participation in this seminar is not mandatory for entry in the domestic acceleration program.
  • Participation in the party is voluntary. It may be canceled depending on the situation.
  • The lecture contents are subject to change.

APT Women Briefing Session

Telling the know-how and mindset that female entrepreneurs need to take one step further

"APT Women" is the Acceleration Program by Tokyo Metropolitan Government for women who aims to start a business or entrepreneurs who are highly growth-oriented. The program aims to create female entrepreneurs that can be a role models and make the movement for entrepreneurship by offering professional management seminar to improve management skills, as well as by offering mentoring and overseas dispatch programs tailored to individual issues.

At the explanatory session on this project, we will introduce the program and invite entrepreneurs who have actually participated to talk about the opportunities, achievements, and management philosophy, and cheer-up. Please take this opportunity.

(Participation is not mandatory for attendance at professional management seminar, etc.)

Explanatory session would be held online in In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Date and time May 13 th (Wed), 2020, 14:00-16:30
Due Date: May 12nd(Tue), 2020, 23:59
Participation fee No charge
Program Overview
Opening Greetings and explanation of APT Women
Panel discussion and Q&A by APT Women graduates

* URL will be sent for the questionnaire.

Guest speaker

Female entrepreneurs, female venture managers seeking growth, female executives, female managers, etc.


Please fill in the necessary information and apply for it from the following. We will send the webiner URL by e-mail in an automatic reply. If you cannot receive an automatic reply e-mail, please contact the administrative office.

* Lecture contents, schedule, etc., may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.