Tomonori Izumi

for Startups, Inc.
Public Affairs Strategy Office Manager
Tomonori Izumi

I specialize in sports psychology and exercise physiology during my university studies. After working in logistics process improvement consulting and the finance industry, I joined GMO Internet Group Inc., where I led business development initiatives. Later, I became involved in the early stages of a startup company ""for Startups Inc"". (formerly Net Jinzai Bank), focusing on supporting ""management talent"" in the growth industry to support business operations. After the company went public on the ""Mothers"" stock market within approximately three and a half years, I established the Public Affairs Strategy Office and assumed the role of department head. In this role, I drive policy recommendations and promote the construction of startup ecosystems in collaboration with central and local governments, universities, and large corporations to enhance Japan's competitiveness.

A comprehensive advisor for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's ""SHIFT(x)"" project
A mentor for the Tokyo Restart Entrepreneur Support Program
A representative for the industry-academia collaboration in HR support at MASP
A mentoring member for the Kobe Startup Hub program
An Executive Advisor for the Osaka Industrial Bureau's Startup Ecosystem"

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