Yuki Shinohara

nae Inc.
Yuki Shinohara

Born in Ehime, Japan in 1989, he is the CEO of nae Inc.In order to contribute to the society of the next generation in which his daughters will live, he is challenging social change with manufacturers in one team under the themes of "improving women's wellbeing" and "enhancing environmental and social sustainability".After graduating from a technical college with a degree in electronic control engineering, he studied industrial design and service design at universities in Japan and abroad before joining Takram, a design innovation firm, as a new graduate. He has supported business development in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, hotels, materials, and space, with a focus on projects related to women's issues. She is particularly strong in design research that provides deep insight into the customer and offers a full range of services from customer insight extraction, concept planning, service design and product design, and UX design to maximize the customer experience.In 2021, he established nae Inc. He received his MBA from GLOBIS in the same year. Part-time lecturer of "User Research Theory" at Tohoku Institute of Technology. Psychological Safety Improv Facilitator. His hobby is tea ceremony.

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