Introduction of Lecturers

LouAnn Conner

SagaciousThink, LLC
Founder & CEO
LouAnn Conner

LouAnn is a strategic global operations executive, board member, and advisor who delivers impacting value through integration, business operations, strategy, and thought leadership. She drives expansion by aligning strategy, people, and operations and partner successfully within companies to deliver strong performing teams, translate strategy into executable projects, improve performance, and define policies and procedures. Her notable achievements

■GLOBAL MANAGEMENT: Led large global technical programs with geographically dispersed teams with values of up to $100M for aerospace and telecommunications programs.
■LARGE EXECUTION: Led construction of Teleglobe’s European backbone covering over 12 countries and completing under budget and schedule.
■TURNAROUND: Reengineered IT PMO operations, improving project quality and delivery for PricewaterhouseCoopers, reducing project overages in time and budget by 44% and cutting time from six months to two weeks.
■MARQUEE DELIVERY: Drove implementation of eBay’s updated HR Information System (HRIS) touching all 20,000 employees around the globe.
■CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Set standard for change management, implementing response to mindset and process changes in response to enterprise risk and HRIS system updates touching over 33,000 employees and contractors.

Introduction of Lecturers