Introduction of Lecturers

Shinya Takei

MARS FLAG Corporation
Founder & CEO
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Tokyo iPI
Kaishi Professional University
Visiting Professor
Shinya Takei

Born in 1971 in a photo studio in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, he continues to work worldwide as a photographer. In 1998, she founded Mars Flag, an AI and search engine research and development company, providing AI and search engine platforms to domestic and foreign governments and companies, with the largest market share in Japan. Since 2012, she has been running a closed organization that supports globally-oriented women (entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, etc.), and from 2022, she will be hosting ideathon Cambodia for university students and children. She also organizes ideathon Cambodia for university students and children from 2022. He has lived in Singapore since 2013 and in Kuala Lumpur since 2022.

Area of research : Entrepreneurship, Born Global Venture
Areas of Expertise : IT&AI, ASEAN, Entrepreneurship, Lisa and Gaspard

UK National University of Wales Graduate School of Business MBA graduates
University of Wales (UK), MBA/MOT
Admitted to the degree of Master of Business Administration, Credited Auditors of Management of Technology and Innovation.

Introduction of Lecturers