Summary of student recruitment

The APT Women program serves as a role model for women who have already started or are likely to start businesses in Tokyo. The program seeks out female ventures that foster a growth orientation for women living in Tokyo and provide modern women with a new way of life in which to start a business.

Overview of the Program

Japan Acceleration Program
Event-type programs (workshops), lecture-type programs (seminars), individual mentoring by mentors, and pitch meetings (networking by implementing pitches) are scheduled to be held (Scheduled from September 9 to December, 2023)
Overseas Dispatch Program
Program to be held in Silicon Valley and Singapore (January 2023)
Presentation of business activities at kick-off events and briefing events.
  • The above is subject to change without notice.
Application Requirements

Application requirements are as below. There are no restrictions on industry type. We are looking forward to receiving many applications from women entrepreneurs aspiring to grow their business.
Those falling under the following criteria may apply:

  • A female company representative of a small-to-medium-sized business within 10 years after its establishment (this category includes companies older than 10 years but have released a new product or service within a period of less than 10 years), or a woman planning to start a business in Tokyo.
    • It also includes incorporated associations, limited liability companies, sole proprietors, NPOs, etc.
    • This program is limited to those whose business is based in Tokyo, or will expand their business in Tokyo.
  • The project to be applied for has not received the support measures implemented by public institutions at the time of the kick-off event (September 8th, 2023).
    • Please contact the secretariat for individual cases.
  • In principle, able to attend all of the Domestic Acceleration Program(online).
  • Those who are growth-oriented and are willing to complete the program.
  • In principle, one representative per organization could participate.
  • Those who are willing to collaborate in projects related to entrepreneurship support by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  • Those who are available to attend some must-attend programs, kick-off events, and accomplishment report events, for example.
  • The applicant must not fall under any of the following.

    1. Those that have had incidents of fraud, etc. in the past with regard to projects implemented by the national government, prefectures, wards, municipalities, etc.
    2. Those related to organized crime groups as defined in the "Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for the Elimination of Boryokudan" or those engaged in businesses that are deemed socially inappropriate for support, such as adult entertainment-related businesses, and gambling as defined in Article 2 of the "Law Concerning Control and Proper Operation of Amusement and Entertainment Businesses, etc.".
    3. Those that engage in business activities that are deemed inappropriate for public support, such as chain sales transactions, negative option sales, hypnosis sales, and psychic sales.
    4. Items that are deemed inappropriate as a support project or as a support recipient, such as those that are offensive to public order and morals.

    Even after the adoption of the project, the support or adoption of the project may be suspended or cancelled if any of the following items are found to have occurred
    1. When a person has received or attempted to receive support through deception, concealment, or other wrongful means.
    2. If it is found that an applicant is a person related to organized crime groups as defined in the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Elimination of Boryokudan (Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance No. 54, 2011), or that the applicant has been operating or is operating an adult entertainment-related business, gambling business, or other business that is not considered socially appropriate for support as defined in Article 2 of the Law Concerning Regulation and Proper Operation of Amusement Businesses (Law No. 122, 1948).
    3. When TMG judges that the business type is not appropriate as a public support recipient, such as chain sales transactions, negative options (mail-order sales), hypnosis, and psychic sales.
    4. When it has been found that the applicant has committed fraud or other wrongdoing in the past in connection with projects conducted by the national government, prefectures, municipalities, or the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Business Corporation.
    5. When the TMG judges that the project is offensive to public order and morals or otherwise inappropriate as a support project or as a recipient of support.
Examination / Adoption

Based on the examination criteria, the examination and adoption will be carried out by the examination committee composed of external experts. The selected students will be announced on this website. In addition, the secretariat will notify all applicants of the results. The examination criteria are as follows.

  • Feasibility, continuity, and future potential in business development in Japan and overseas
  • Feasibility, continuity, and future potential in business development in Japan and overseas
  • Applicants' enthusiasm, ability, growth mind, diversity
Program recruitment period
Recruitment period
July 11th (Tue) - August 2th (Wed), 2023 23:59
Notification of primary examination results
Mid August
Implementation of secondary examination
Scheduled for August 22nd (Tue) to 24th (Thu) Interview / Presentation
* We are planning to implement it online.
* We will inform you of the start time individually.
Result notification
Late August
Documents to be submitted
  • ①Entry sheet
  • ②Upload presentation materials (material composition is optional, A4 version, 10 sheets or less, pdf file format, 1MB or more and 5MB or less)
  • ③Applicant's face photo (horizontal: 570px, vertical: 370px or more, 1MB or more and 5MB or less)
  • ④Corporate logo (extension is ai or jpg, 1MB or more and 5MB or less)
    • Please fill in and upload the above ① to ④ using the dedicated registration form (formrun). ①② will be used in the first screening, so all applicants must submit it.
    • The second screening (5-minute presentation and interview) will be conducted only with the submitted presentation materials.

Applications are closed

  • Contact us

    APT Women Administration Office
    *This program is run by 01Booster, Inc.

    Contact time:10:00~17:00 (Weekday)

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