Overseas Dispatch Program

This year, we plan to organize a program with people and facilities involved in the start-up in Silicon Valley and Singapore.
We plan to do so around January 2024.

The purpose of the program is to invite all who wish to participate in the Japan Acceleration Program in collaboration with key stakeholders and organizations involved with women entrepreneurs in overseas cities that are active in supporting women ventures in order to gain a better understanding of how they plan to expand overseas.
In addition to the full-participation programs, we provide individual support tailored to the needs of each participant.

The full-participation program, with the cooperation of local supporters such as academic institutions, local experts, and venture support organizations, plans to present at a pitch event for the purpose of raising funds and promoting public relations, to give presentations in English, to give questions and answers, and to build a local network.The organizations involved differ depending on the region of dispatch, but the contents are scheduled to be as follows (some of which may be limited in number).

(An example of an Silicon Valley all-participation program)

  • Pitch (* English)
    -Aiming to foster a network with VCs / business companies operating in the United States
  • Life design (workshop) learned from American female leaders
    -Learn the activity examples of multiple female leaders and discuss what they should be as leaders
  • Differences between Japanese and US startups from the perspective of VC / entrepreneur (seminar / Q & A)
    -Learn the Silicon Valley ecosystem from active VCs / entrepreneurs
  • Technology and Business Now (Seminar / Q & A) Accelerate Well-being
    -Getting hints on how to implement Well-being in your business from a diversity perspective
  • Review session of participating companies

* The contents may be adjusted or changed without prior notice.

Dispatch destination until last year

1st Cohort (domestic program: October 2017– December 2017)
: Overseas dispatch to the East Coast of the United States, mainly New York

2nd Cohort (domestic program: April 2018 – June 2018)
: Overseas dispatch to the West Coast of the United States, mainly Silicon Valley

3rd Cohort (domestic program: October 2018– December 2018 Participants)
: Overseas dispatch to Singapore

4rd Cohort (domestic program: September 2019– February 2020 Participants)
: Overseas dispatch to Singapore

5th Cohort (domestic program: September 2020– December 2020 Participants)
: Singapore / New York ※Online

6th Cohort (domestic program: September 2021– December 2021 Participants)
: Singapore / New York ※Online

7th Cohort (domestic program: January 2023 Participants)
: Singapore / Silicon Valley

Photo of dispatch in Singapore

Phot of dispatch in Singapore