Achievements of APT women

Support programs including lectures by experts in different industries, support for resolving problems through individual mentoring, provision of opportunities for building networks with venture capitals and large corporations, and overseas dispatch, are resulting in successful achievements and performances.

Achievements and performances of 80 companies through Term 1 to 4

  • Fundraising
    Approx. 2 billion yen
  • Collaboration with large corporations
    More than 106 collaboration cases
    Collaboration with large corporations
    (including informal consents and undisclosed cases)
  • Overseas rollout
    More than 20 cases
    Overseas rollout
    resulting in overseas sales channel and international company collaboration
  • Media appearance
    More than 900 cases
    Media appearance

Summary of APT Women approach

Approach from previous program

Acquire knowledge and skills Welcoming experts from each industry as the lecturers, design to strengthen the management knowledge and skill based on the real business experience.
Individual hands-on support
  • Solving each companies’ unique challenges by an individual mentoring session
  • Enhancing each entrepreneurs’ self-confidence and implementing an acceleration for the business
Oversea dispatch program and network development
  • Developing a network for women entrepreneurs, potential business partners within the country and overseas (industrial company, other business supporting organization, large corporation, media, government and VC, etc.)
  • Providing pitch opportunities for the business negotiations, and business contents during the oversea dispatch program


Voice from Participant

  • Junko Balducci

    Acquired Knowledge and Skill

    It was my pleasure to join the program to acquire a wide range of subjects, which made me realize my strengths and weakness. My mentors were helping me to think about my business in the long run. I was swamped with work, but thanks to this experience, I got a long-term perspective for my business.

    BALDUCCI CO., LTD. Junko Balducci

    3rd Program Participant

  • Rie Kawano

    Individual hands-on support

    Thanks to the discussions and the homework regarding the issues and the challenges that are occurring “at this moment.” I was able to start working on the things that had been left behind due to busy daily work.

    COGNITEE Inc. Rie Kawano

    3rd Program Participant

  • Yonggum Kang

    Oversea dispatch program and network development

    I think I was able to make a trigger of my global business expansion. Even though I just started my new business and still on my way to scale it, I met such precious women entrepreneur friends, mentors, and angel Investors through this program, and they are my treasures. Thanks to this experience, I will continue my entrepreneur journey.

    Craftie Inc. Yonggum Kang

    2nd Program Participant

Program Participants


  • It is a significant approach for the Tokyo metropolitan government to conducting a women entrepreneurs specialized supporting program and helping them to develop overseas business opportunities.- Mr.S from supporting organization visited during oversea dispatch

  • Our company directly invest in women-founded startups. APT Women program’s approach is marvelous. We would love to invest in one company per term.- Mr.K Business Company, head of investment department

  • When our friends surround us, we can aware "Oh, everyone is having the same inner challenge even though they look like doing well."
    This program has the power to cheer women entrepreneurs by having a solidarity feeling, where they can talk about something that is usually hard to talk to people.- Ms K Magazine. WEB media journalist