A Story: Family Ties

There is a world that only an entrepreneur mother can show to daughter. There is a world that only an entrepreneur mother can show to daughter.

Ms. Junko Balducci is the founder of the Japanese feminine hygiene brand, "TRES MARIA". As she stays true to who she is, for both business and family. Her daughter has come to understand her work better and actively helps with her business. "There is a world that only an entrepreneur mother can show to daughter," she says. This is her message to all women who aspire to start their own businesses.

Singapore Dispatch Program boosted my business to be globally

I joined APT Women's 3rd cohort program in 2018 since a respectable entrepreneur who also participated in the 2nd cohort program recommended it to me. My company develops and distributes made-in-Japan feminine hygiene products under the brand name "TRES MARIA". Since Japanese cosmetics are popular both inside and outside Japan, I started to think about taking my business global. That was when I came to know APT Women and decided to join the program. We will soon start distributing our products in Singapore through people that I connected with during the dispatch program. My daughter also came along with me to Singapore during the program. I was very surprised by the growth she showed after having watched me working up-close.

All of entrepreneur and Business experience link to the Growth of My Daughter

My daughter joined for many pitches and other events in Singapore and she was trying to understand my work deeply in her own way. Since we came back to Japan, she become to help me with my business actively and even creating her own business cards and presentations. I was really surprised when my daughter said to me, "I think grown-up adults are very cool. They have a wider perspective and aren't afraid to take on various challenges. I want to talk with more adults and broaden my perspective." I think she learned many things in an organic way as she has directly watched me tackling various business challenges, while also meeting many of my friends who are also entrepreneurs. This experience made me wonder if it might be us, adults, who limit children's abilities.

Refreshing Through Karate

favoriteHow I Refresh Myself When I Am Feeling Down

I refresh myself by doing karate or getting a good sleep before thinking the issue. There is a low chance of coming up with a good idea when you are feeling down. I recommend to forget about the problem for a while, clear your mind, refresh yourself, and then address the problem again with a positive mind.

Yoyogi Park is my go-to place when I am feeling down. I sometimes even go there alone with a sandwich and coffee. My problem starts to seem small when I am surrounded by trees, water, flowers, and birds in the middle of the vast park.

Women's empowerment Women's empowerment

Empowering Women Through "TRES MARIA"

"TRES MARIA" aims to empower women. I hope to support socially active women through promoting feminine hygiene. I also want to raise awareness so that we can talk about women's body care more freely as one of the topics of day-to-day conversation. The brand name, "TRES MARIA," means "three Marias" in Spanish. I chose this name with a hope to serve three generations-my mother's, mine, and my daughter's. It is my great joy to see my daughter slowly but steadily expanding her world, learning many things through "TRES MARIA".

messageEncouragement for Entrepreneurs

By participating APT Women program, you could meet powerful and wonderful peer entrepreneurs with whom you could find mutual support while you are in difficult situation. It is always good to have friends with whom you can talk about your struggles and failures without worry or shame. We are in the good relationship as we think if there is anything that we could do for our friends while they are in trouble. You will also be in a rare environment where you can directly hear the voices of entrepreneurs who came before and after you, who have different backgrounds.
APT Women's staff are also very supportive. You will have a clearer view of your goals and approaches and could naturally start to see your next step. I hope you will take this opportunity and experience various new things through the APT Women program!

Junko Balducci


Born in 1977. After graduating from UC Berkeley Extension in the United States, worked for the overseas department of a trade firm and then for the international department of Japan's leading cosmetics company, where she produced and nurtured beauty brands for overseas markets. Founded BALDUCCI CO., LTD in 2014. Launched the Japanese feminine hygiene brand "TRES MARIA" in 2017.