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Meet with one's own moyamoya in a self-responsible way of work Meet with one's own moyamoya in a self-responsible way of work

Ms. Yuki Miyahara has been operating the Web media "Meiyoku®" since 2019, which distributes information on sex education. As a company employee, I felt that I was unable to digest my work while raising a child, and I started my business after working at three companies in order to realize a way of working that would be satisfying for me. Mr. Miyahara cheerily says, "We have never had any moyamoya before," and listens to the story of how we started up in business.

Solving Child-rearing Issues through Their Services

The Sex Education Website is operated with the cooperation of mothers and other creators as well as doctors and specialists. I started the media because I was conscious of the issues I felt while raising children. When I tried to communicate about sex on the occasion of my eldest daughter's school attendance, I struggled. At the same time, I realized that there was no way to get the right information about sex education easily.

The parent generation itself has never been taught about sex, and it has become a taboo topic, so it is difficult for her partner and her friends to talk to. This is why we value the idea of passing on sex education from parents to their children a little beyond the power of our shoulders, so that we can see it as one of the most everyday aspects of childcare. In addition, we strive to provide information about sex in a way that is easy for adults to understand and positively.
Through crowdfunding, we can connect with many specialists in sex education and provide content in cooperation with them.

It was during my third child's leave that I started raising my life. She thinks about her career and attends a course where she can learn digital skills. In conversations with members of the same class, they found that each had the same challenges in sex education. He therefore retired from the company, where he was working, in an attempt to create a media outlet for disseminating information on sex education. We decided to concentrate on our business.

Dispatch of employees to New York for the purpose of distributing overseas content

In 2019, we joined APT Women's fourth phase, thinking that profitability is necessary to continue running the media, and wanting to get hints on the business model. Thanks to the frequent mentoring opportunities, I think we have come to see the future direction. It was a great pleasure to have a connection with a female entrepreneur.

In January 2020, we also participated in the dispatch of employees to New York, with the aim of learning about sex education in overseas locations and markets. We have received a surprisingly large number of comments from local residents saying, "This is a good project!" In the U.S., where it was expected that sex education would be more advanced than in Japan, it would be difficult to provide uniform sex education due to the balance between religion and sex education, and it would seem that there is a need for measures to be taken by each family. Many local parents and guardians told me that people's sense of being taboo about their sex is no different from that of Japan. That's why I felt that a platform that transmits sexual information like life-rearing is very likely to be useful overseas.

The dispatch to New York is bringing a new world to light. Currently, we are working on a new plan to "think from art to a sexual minority (LGBT)" with the cooperation of tourists who conduct guide tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the leading tourist attractions in the United States.

Refresh method

favoriteRefresh method

When I am tired, I refresh myself with exercise and massage. At home, the time and money spent for mental and physical health are defined as "necessary expenses." When I want to run or go to a massage, I leave my children to my husband when I want to be alone and feel comfortable.

the Web media "Meiyoku®" the Web media "Meiyoku®"

Choose a way of working that is personally acceptable and responsible

I didn't want to become independent or start a business. I loved to be immersed in the work I was required to do, and I felt a sense of fulfillment in working with my colleagues. I started my career as a new graduate by recruiting, and after that, I started a business through two companies. However, when I changed jobs after having a baby, I faced the reality of the hurdle of being a mother, and at some point I was worried about it.

The hardest thing to do when working to raise children was that they always got stuck in their own minds. When I was raising a child while working at a company, I always felt that I could not work as I had hoped, because of the constraints of being unable to work overtime and being unable to do a job that could not be changed.

What I realized at that time was that the company and the environment were not the problems that I had been dealing with before, but my own problems. I think a variety of issues are inherent to the career of working mothers. I chose to work independently, thinking that I would face Moyamoya through a way of working that I could take responsibility for and be convinced of.

It is strange to see no scenes of moyamoya in the course of my business activities. I think this is because I am convinced that I have chosen the way I work. I would like to continue to carefully nurture the businesses I face with people who are worried about sex education and have an awareness of issues.

messageMessage of support to entrepreneurs

Along with changes in life stages, I think there are many cases in which people become more and more excited about their work. The important thing, then, is to divide Moyamoya into things that always exist. If you can't help yourself, try to do something that you want to take on. I would like you to make progress in a way that is acceptable to you. It's a waste to blame your workplace and environment for all the time.

Yuki Miyahara

Siblings LLC. CEOYuki Miyahara

Born in Hyogo Prefecture. After engaging in the media business, new business development, and PR operations in recruiting, etc., Amazon Japan becomes independent through the Media Business Division. Establish and represent Siblings Limited Liability. Privately, she is the mother of three babies (one girl and two boys).