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abc family inc Minami Nakako

abc family IncMinami Nakako

Custom tool service for physical therapist to create rehabilitation menu for the patients

Please tell us about abc family’s rehabilitation program preparation tool for physical therapists.

With a view to reduce time spent on nursing care in Japan, a country where aging is rapidly advancing, abc family Inc. provides an online service to improve the efficiency of care-related works.

"Hatsuratsu" is our main service that we have provided ever since we started our company. This tool helps physical therapists (rehabilitation professionals) to create self-exercise programs for their patients in an instant manner.
Through many interviews with physical therapists, we found that they spend enormous hours on creating self-exercise programs for their patients and they sometimes even have to prepare them at home outside their working hours.

I decided to develop "Hatsuratsu" as a solution for this issue, taking advantage of Internet-related technologies, so that physical therapists can spend more time on face-to-face care services.

The instant preparation of self-exercise programs is not the only benefit of our product.
The revision of the nursing care remuneration system in FY2018 emphasized the importance of helping elderly people gain their independence, which would allow them to live the kind of lives they want to.

We are working on the development of a new function of “Hatsuratsu” that allows the easy preparation of documents necessary to apply for additional nursing care remunerations for individual functional training, which is a system introduced with an eye to supporting patients’ independence.

Tell us what made you start your own business.

My father gave inspired me to start my own company. He had a stroke when I was in high school.
It was hard for me as a high school girl to find my dad, who had always been a strong pillar of the family, lying helplessly in the hallway.
That made me wonder what I could do to gain my independence and to support my family, and I eventually decided to start a company in the future.

Several years from then, I am now standing at the starting point of my entrepreneurship journey.
Each day, I am seeking solutions for nursing care, which has posed a fundamental challenge in my life, tapping into my work experience as an engineer and taking advantage of Internet-related technologies, which is my area of specialty.

Tell us about the future developments.

We are planning to launch our service in December 2018. The development and preliminary registration processes are ongoing.
In the near future, I would like to shift our focus to the development of online and offline contents which allow patients to continue their rehabilitation programs with a sense of joy.

In terms of business expansion, I hope that our software will first have a solid position in the day-to-day lives of our domestic users. Then, I hope to expand our services to the overseas market as well.

The declining birthrate and aging population are prominent in East Asia, but other parts of the world will soon face a similar challenge.

I hope that our product will be recognized by many people, so that we can help as many care professionals as possible improve the efficiency of their work, reduce stress on patients and their families, and contribute to improving the quality of their lives.

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