Program Participants

3rd Program Participants

    • STRkikakuIshijima Mizuho

      Gift registry EC platform business for sick children and children with disabilities

    • Wamazing Inc.Kato Fumiko

      Free SIM easy access tourist guide and booking platform services

    • COGNITEE Inc.Kawano Rie

      Development of software to "Identify Cognitive Biases" using an AI(Knowledge Representation)

    • SULCI Inc.Sekiya Satomi

      Sustainable manufacturing, "Raffia bag" brand in Philippines

    • epite-miyabiTamura Masami

      Production of artificial body parts to restore your appearance and regain your spirit

    • BALDUCCI CO., LTDBalducci Junko

      Development & Sales of “TRES MARIA” a Japanese feminine-care brand

    • SAY Inc.Fujii Haruko

      “Ageless Ballet Stretch” program for healthy life expectancy using Ballet method

    • abc family incMinami Nakako

      Custom tool service for physical therapist to create rehabilitation menu for the patients

    • AKIZAKURAYamamura Sayoko

      Production, marketing, rental service of parasol with remaking kimono

    • Maite Co., Ltd.Yoshida Ayako

      Creating sustainable clothes made of alpaca fiber to protect body and mind from coldness and stress
      * The company name was changed from Pikka Japan Co., Ltd to Maite Co., Ltd on March 27, 2019.