Program Participants

1st Program Participants

    • Willmore INC.Mayu Ishikawa

      Development of "Allergy Checker," a smartphone application for searching food allergen information.

    • ZEST INC.Yukiko Ito

      Provision of "ShareONE," a human resources sharing platform.

    • Specified Nonprofit Organization National Welfare Beauty and Barber Training AssociationHitomi Iwaoka

      Appearance care service for cancer patients suffering change in their appearance.

    • etudemains.Inc.Eri Iwase

      Business of "popupdress," a new concept in dress wear.

    • Be&Do Inc.Kazume Iwami

      Development and sale of "Habi*do," a web application tool visualizing and reinforcing team engagement.

    • Priroda.INC. /Japanese Agriculture CompanyChiaki Onishi

      Activities for agribusiness revitalization (so-called "6th industry") and research relating to chemical-free vegetables.

    • Institute WheeLogYuriko Oda

      Development and management of "WheeLog!", a user-generated smartphone application for sharing barrier-free facilities information.

    • First Brand inc.Fumiko Kawamoto

      Provision of "My Best Pro," a platform for matching businesses and domestic/international customers.

    • GLE LLC. Yukino Goya

      Planning and sale of cosmetic products connected to sustainable society.

    • Fermenstation Co., Ltd.Rina Sakai

      Community recycling initiative for producing ethanol from unused resources.

    • Tablecross Inc.Kaoru Joho

      Provision of "Tablecross," a restaurant reservation application enabling social contribution.

    • Zubitsjapan Co., Ltd. Ai Shirakawa

      Sale of "Zubits," a magnetic shoe closure enabling easy taking off and putting on of shoes.

    • Vitaly IncNami Suzuki

      Online service based on Fashiontech×Fintech.

    • OPTIMUS Inc.Kazumi Takao

      Manufacturing and sale of "Optimus" series, a next-generation photocatalyst paint developed by an industry-government-academia collaboration initiative.

    • Stroly Inc.Machi Takahashi

      Provision of "Stroly," a map sharing service introducing attractive places.

    • KIDSLINE Inc.Kahoko Tsunezawa

      Provision of "KIDSLINE," a safe and secure service enabling 24-hour babysitter reservations using a smartphone.

    • Armonia,llcMasumi Tsunoda

      Planning and sale of original headscarf products for women who have lost hair.

    • AVOIR INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. Mayumi Nakamura

      Development and sales of fashionable and functional underwear for breast cancer patients.

    • Carry On Inc.Maki Nagamori

      Business of "CarryOn," an online platform for mothers to reuse children’s clothing.

    • FITTIN Co., Ltd.Yumiko Honma

      Provision of "FITTIN," an online women underwear fitting service.