Program Participants Voice

3st Program Participants Voice

  • STRkikakuIshijima Mizuho

    Gift registry EC platform business for sick children and children with disabilities

    I was very happy that the APT Women program decided to accept me, even though I could say that my business was about something that had been so neglected in the society that I had to create a market for my business on my own. I started my company from a hospital room, while taking care of my son. Since then, I almost always promoted my projects alone. However, I realized that business projects and plans would never show further improvement without good brainstorming. That was the reason I joined the APT Women program. During the program, I had chances to have the meaningful brainstorming sessions that I wanted, which helped me take a new step in my business journey.

  • Wamazing Inc.Kato Fumiko

    Free SIM easy access tourist guide and booking platform services

    I was able to learn the knowledge necessary for startup management in a comprehensive and balanced manner, which was very valuable for me, as I was always been self-taught. Through people from APT Women, who were all very resourceful with connections in Asia and other regions, I was introduced to many people (people from embassies, companies, etc.) from the countries which I run the WAmazing project, namely Singapore and Australia. I am now negotiating concerning a partnership with a large company that heard my pitch during the program. While there are still few female entrepreneurs in Japan, my peer female entrepreneurs that I met through the program are great assets that I want to keep and can rely on into the future.

  • COGNITEE Inc.Kawano Rie

    Development of software to "Identify Cognitive Biases" using an AI(Knowledge Representation)

    I applied for the APT Women program as I realized my need for learning again after experiencing two external fund raising meetings. Each lecture gave me an opportunity to think from a completely new perspective, which I could not have when I was in the seed stage. In the mentoring, mentor and I worked on and discussed about the problem that I could have not touched during my day-to-day work. The dispatch program to Singapore accelerated my business in various terms, from finding new business partners to ensuring more effective and smooth business with my existing partners by visiting and seeing them.

  • SULCI Inc.Sekiya Satomi

    Sustainable manufacturing, "Raffia bag" brand in Philippines

    I am very glad that I participated in the APT Women program, because I was able to put my thoughts and ideas into words, clarify what I was vaguely feeling and things that I had lacked, and meet people that I could have never met otherwise. I was very lucky to have opportunities to experience things that not everyone has a chance to. I made my pitches in English for the first time during the program. I think this experience will help me greatly as I expand my sales channels overseas into the future. I will commit myself to connecting what I learned in the program and the potential that I discovered to my future business.

  • epite-miyabiTamura Masami

    Production of artificial body parts to restore your appearance and regain your spirit

    I applied for the APT Women program because my friend recommended it, saying it was a great program. It was only one year after I started my own business and there were so many things that I did not know; but if I were to continue my business, I wanted to do it with a broader perspective. That was also part of the reasons that I joined the APT Women program. The best thing that I received from the program is my connection with other female entrepreneurs. I think that ideas that will be created through that connection and the new people that I will meet as a result will help greatly with my future growth. Through the APT Women program, I was able to make a great step toward the future.

  • BALDUCCI CO., LTDBalducci Junko

    Development & Sales of “TRES MARIA” a Japanese feminine-care brand

    What I am most grateful for among many things I received from the APT Women program is the encounters with my peer entrepreneurs, with whom I can talk about challenges and engage in mutual support and inspiration, and my mentors that I can really trust. I found out that I was not the only female entrepreneur who was having a hard time maintaining a good balance among business, taking care of children, and family chores; it was a relief and very empowering to know that I was not alone. It was also good that the program covered a wide range of topics, as it helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. It was a very insightful experience for me. I had always been busy with immediate business tasks, but through the program I had a chance to have a more long-term perspective on my business. I am very grateful for that. Thank you.

  • SAY Inc.Fujii Haruko

    “Ageless Ballet Stretch” program for healthy life expectancy using Ballet method

    Through the APT Women program, I was able to broaden my perspective, accelerate my business processes, and improve my view on business. Specifically, I revised my business plan and decided to complete it in half the period that I initially scheduled. It is difficult to objectively decide the parts that need to be promoted steadily, and the parts that should be completed speedily; but I was able to manage to do that thanks to the diverse, balanced lecture programs and my mentors who always had high perspectives. I also deeply appreciated the environment in which I was able to connect with senior female entrepreneurs that I respect, as well as the encounters with my peer female entrepreneurs, as we can mutually inspire each other to be better, and my wonderful mentors that I can really trust and want to keep in my life over a long time into the future.

  • abc family incMinami Nakako

    Custom tool service for physical therapist to create rehabilitation menu for the patients

    I’m very grateful to APT Women for giving me opportunities to build connection with wonderful people. I met many people and learned a lot through the program. I was able to see my growth especially in the following terms: (1) I can now explain my business with more confidence and persuasiveness; (2) I developed my original template presentations during the program; (3) our media exposure increased; and (4) I gained insightful knowledge regarding overseas business expansion. The experience of learning and spending time with my peer entrepreneurs who started businesses in different times contributed a lot to my growth. Also, it was fresh to meet and connect with people outside the IT field after years of working in the same industry. Thank you, APT Women for all these precious opportunities.

  • AKIZAKURAYamamura Sayoko

    Production, marketing, rental service of parasol with remaking kimono

    All I have to say is that I am so glad that I joined the program! What was best for me about the APT Women program was that I was able to discover the potential of AKIZAKURA through the dispatch program to Singapore and that I was able to establish a clearer compass to navigate my business decisions. Although I was the only participant who could not speak English among those who were dispatched to Singapore, I was able to achieve what I aimed for thanks to the help from many people. It is of course desirable to have a good English ability in expanding my business globally; but what I realized was that strong commitment towards that goal is even more important. Through the domestic and overseas programs, I was also able to learn when to take risks as a business owner and how to communicate and connect with people. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to have these precious opportunities.

  • Maite Co., Ltd. Yoshida Ayako

    Creating sustainable clothes made of alpaca fiber to protect body and mind from coldness and stress

    It was not easy to keep attending the APT Women program during the busiest time of the year, but I can genuinely say that I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful people. My unique, charming peer female entrepreneurs told me how to motivate one selves to have a high perspective and stay bold and courageous in working towards one’s vision. In the dispatch program to Singapore, I was not only able to discover the potential of the rapidly growing Asian markets, but I also had an opportunity to reflect on my business through making pitches and receiving feedbacks repeatedly. This experience helped me shape a business plan encompassing overseas expansion. However, what was even more valuable to me was the connection that I acquired with my peer entrepreneurs which I can talk to whenever I need their support.